Linterna Frontal Neolight

Linterna Frontal Neolight

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  • SUPER BRIGHT LED HEADLAMP - With all the LED's on the headlamp gives you a blinding light at night that allows you to track the smallest detail. You can also use this light when you work on small projects. The two smaller LED's will provide a square of light that illuminates the area you need without over powering or reflecting light off other objects.
  • 6 LIGHTING MODES TO CHOOSE - Low - one large LED on; Medium - two large LEDs on; High - three large LEDs on; Mode 4 - two small LEDs on; Mode 5 - all five LEDs on; Strobe - all five LEDs blink very rapidly. You may have several head lamps but none are has bright or offer has many options to select the right amount of light for your needs.
  • USB RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES & Red Back light - It is an rechargeable headlamp with 2 18650 rechargeable batteries and the battery case has a red led you can turn on to be visible to someone behind you when using this light outdoors at night. The red light can stay on (steadily) but it also has a strobe/blinking function which will be useful to bicyclists.
  • ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE - This LED headlamp does not bother you at all, the straps are quite soft and the material is very good and durable. The band is adjustable and well balanced with the battery in the back. In addition, the lamps can be tilted down 90 degree to focus the light where you need it.
  • MULTI-USE - This is no toy. This is very serious but compact illumination—an extremely powerful headlight for outdoor use, sports, hunting, fishing—in fact, it is great for any night-time activity like biking or emergency car repair.

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